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Month: April, 2010

UK Election Time – The Conservatives and Europe

Despite being a key area of difference between the three main parties, Europe has not become a central issue in the current British election campaign. Yet, for foreign observers at least, this election is fascinating in large part because it could mark a major shift in Britain’s attitude towards the EU. The most radical policies in this area are the proposals of the Conservatives who, despite a dramatic surge in support for the Liberal Democrats, continue to lead in the polls.

The European policies of the Conservatives under David Cameron were announced in November 2009 and have been summarised in a previous IIEA publication. However, as election date approaches it is perhaps worth revisiting those plans and examining in more detail their prospects for implementation.

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A Crisis That Could Go All The Way

In the wake of yet another cautious statement from Angela Merkel on the proposed Greek rescue package, the authors of the Eurointelligence daily news bulletin worry that “this crisis could go all the way.”

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International Cooperation and Taxing the Banks

Agreement on taxing international banks looks quite a way off. 

At the 2009 G20 summit in Pittsburgh, leaders asked the IMF to prepare a report for their next summit (taking place in Toronto in June) on how the financial sector could make a fair and substantial contribution toward paying for the costs of future bank rescue packages. Read the rest of this entry »