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Month: June, 2011

Policymaking in Medias Res

We have had the hamartia – the tragic flaw in the system that allowed high-spending countries to free ride on low interest rates. We have had the hubris – the belief the good times would never end. We have had nemesis – disaster. We now need the anagnorisis …

So says the proud Eurosceptic, classical scholar and Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. But the epiphany for which he yearns is “the moment of recognition that Greece would be better off in a state of Byronic liberation, forging a new economic identity with a New Drachma. Then there will be catharsis, the experience of purgation and relief.”

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Global Food Demand: A Flavour of the Future

Yesterday, the OECD and the FAO published an Agricultural Outlook for the next ten years, showing the best estimates of how food prices are likely to change between now and 2020.

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